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Holistic counselling is a process of healing and nurturing the individual through the aspects of the mind, body and spirit.

In a Holistic counselling session various techniques are utilised to support the client to discover and express their true feelings and desires.  e.g. Emotional Focusing Technique, Meditation, Drawing, Emotional Release processes, Journey work, Journal writing, and self discovery exercises.

Holistic Counselling can support a number of issues. From dealing with everyday issues,  self-confidence, discovering your purpose, workplace disharmony, relationship issues, self-love, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, intimacy issues, anger management, depression, grief and so on.

A Counselling Session works best when the client is willing to be open minded  and ready to look within. Sharing and being heard sheds away the layers of hurt, betrayal, anxiety and confusion. Talking with another in a safe environment, often brings clarity and understanding. Being honest with yourself and asking for support  is a quality to be admired.


‘We are the 
Masters of our mind, 
Our mind is not the master of us.’

Couples Counselling can be valuable experience for both parties, as it helps to define issues and ways to move forward, be it together or separately.

Couple's Counselling is a place to communication constructively about one another's needs and concerns.



Reiki is a hands on healing modality which balances the, mind, body & spirit. Reiki is the universal life force of all things.
Reiki gives one an immediate experience of the ‘divine.’
Reiki Healings are a non-invasive healing modality. Reiki is very relaxing and nurturing. It allows ones to feel and see life through the perspective of the heart not only the mind.

The Client lies fully clothed on the massage table and the practitioner lays her/his hands upon the clients body in line with the energetic chakras points.
Reiki healings bring forth clarity and calmness.
Reiki is a beautiful way to care for self.

The body is self-healing organism



Distant Healing is a wonderful way to provide support and healing for yourself, family members and or a friend. It is called Absent or Distant Healing as the person is not physically present. The practitioner connects energetically to the nominated person and offers healing. Consent is always recommended if possible.  Alternatively consent or refusal can be ascertained through the recipients person's higher- self. 

The fundamental purpose of Distant Healing is to send healing to another *approximately 1hour is spent sending healing energy to the recipient.

Messages, guidance and insights are often received during the healing. The practitioner transcribes the messages and they are sent via email to the recipient.

*approximately 1 hour is spent writing up the comprehensive guidance.


All guidance is simply, a sharing of insights, to be accepted or refuted by the recipient. As I truly believe we all have 'freedom of choice' and guidance from another or through another is to be discerned, as to whether it be your truth or not. As in each and every moment we are the designer of our destiny, others can only bring facets of what may be our truth's but we hold the key to our life. 



Past Life Healing is a valuable way to seek understanding in this life. Past Life Healing is not governed by the practitioner but the clients higher self. Some clients come with the expectation of seeing a Past Life, but it will only be unveiled if it is aligned with the clients highest good. It is helpful to have a particular issue or question about an area of your life.

In a Past Life Healing I gradually lead the client into their heart space to access previous lives through the vehicle of Reiki and Meditative Journeying.


Past Life Healing can access in-depth  layers & learning's, therefore it is not something to take lightly or to play games with. It is a valuable tool to know self.

I provide an opportunity for you to access your past lives and experience your own truth.



Theta Healing - Theta healing is a remarkable technique that lets you identify unconscious & conscious blocks and beliefs and change them - instantly, if it is for highest good.Theta Healing is a Meditative, digging, exploring & energetic healing, between the client & practitioner and the creator of all that is… Theta Healing can support healing of physical ailments, treat personal & emotional or spiritual blocks, by quickly clearing the emotional causes of the condition.

Theta Healing brings clarity to your beliefs that may be holding you back and or sabotaging your life. When we recognise our beliefs whether they are conscious or unconscious it give us the ability to

re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

Are you continually repeating unhealthy patterns and damaging choices and would you like to know why? Understanding our beliefs can bring personal empowerment and awareness.Theta Healing is for those wanting to go down the rabbit hole, to the core of their problems…


My Metaphysical Readings are for those seeking insight and understanding in the now! I do not do future predictions, as the future is yet to be told and we humans have freedom of choice in each and every moment.

I guide the client through an individualised channelled Meditative journey and I also incorporate the tarot/oracle cards into my Metaphysical readings.


I allow time for you to ask specific questions. I trust what flows through is from the higher self of the client and aligned with there highest good in the time we share.

I am not a mind reader so your honesty and willingness to hold the space is necessary.

I do not have all the answers but am an instrument for the ‘divine’ through love…


“All healing is up to the individual, no one can heal another. “

Individual Consultation
$130  - 60 mins 
$190 - 90 mins

$200 - Distant Healing
$150- Theta Healing

Couples Counselling  $200 - 60 mins

Location: Studio
1025 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd Montrose VIC

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