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Holistic counselling is a process of healing and nurturing the individual through the aspects of the mind, body and spirit.

Talking with another in a safe environment, often brings clarity and understanding. Being honest with yourself and asking for support is a quality to be admired.

In a holistic counselling session various techniques are utilised to support the client to discover and express their true feelings and desires.  e.g. Emotional Focusing Technique, Meditation, Reiki, Drawing, Emotional Release processes, Journey work, Closure & Resolution, Therapy Inner Child Therapy, Journal writing, and self discovery exercises etc.

Holistic Counselling can support a number of issues such as managing everyday issues,  self-confidence, discovering life purpose, workplace disharmony, relationship issues, self-love, body image, addiction, anxiety, trauma,  intimacy issues, anger management, depression, grief etc.

A Counselling Session works best when the client is willing to be open minded  and ready to look within. Sharing and being heard has the ability to shed away the layers of hurt, betrayal, anxiety and confusion and make peace with self. 


‘We are the master of our mind, our mind is not the master of us.’

Couples Counselling can be valuable experience for both parties, as it assists to define issues and ways to move forward. 

Couple's Counselling is a place to communication constructively about  your needs and concerns.

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