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Past life regression therapy is a valuable way to gain understanding that is relevant

and beneficial for this life!


​​​ Past Life Healing is not governed by the practitioner but the clients higher self.

Some clients come with the expectation of seeing a Past Life,

but it will only be unveiled if it is aligned with the clients highest good.


When endeavouring to recall a past life it is often helpful to have a particular issue

or question about an certain area of one's life you'd like clarity.

In a Past Life Healing I gradually lead the client into their heart space to access previous lives through the vehicle of Reiki and Meditative Journeying.


Past Life Healing can access in-depth  layers and learning's,

therefore it is not something to take lightly or to play games with.

Past Life Regression is a valuable tool to know self.

My objectives to hold space and facilitate an opportunity for you to access a past life

and or simply receive a healing.

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