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Distant Healing is a wonderful way to provide support and healing for yourself,

family members and or a friend.

It is called Absent or Distant Healing as the person is not physically present. The practitioner connects energetically to the nominated person and offers healing. Consent is always recommended if possible. Alternatively consent or refusal can be ascertained through the recipients higher- self. 

The fundamental purpose of Distant healing is to send healing to another approximately 1 hour is spent sending healing energy to the recipient.

Messages, guidance and insights are often received during the healing. The practitioner transcribes the messages and afterwards they are sent via email to the recipient. Approximately another 1 hour is spent writing up the guidance received.


All guidance is simply, a sharing of insights, to be accepted or refuted by the recipient.


As I truly believe we all have 'freedom of choice' and guidance from another or through another is to be discerned, as to whether it be their truth or not.


As in each and every moment we are the designer of our destiny, others can only bring facets of what may be our truth's but we hold the key to our life. 

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