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Reiki is a hands on healing modality which aids to balance the, mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is the universal life force of all things.

Reiki gives one an immediate experience of the ‘divine.’

Reiki healing is a non-invasive healing modality.

Reiki is very relaxing and nurturing.


It allows ones to feel and see life through the perspective of their heart and not only the mind.

The client lies fully clothed on the massage table and the practitioner lays their hands upon the clients body in line with the energetic chakras points.

Reiki healing aids to bring forth clarity and calmness.

Reiki is a beautiful way to care for self.

The body is self-healing organism

Expect a chat on arrival to allow opportunity to share and connect.

Once the healing commences, let all expectation fall way

and trust in the healing power of unconditional love.

When one surrenders and allows the embrace of universal energy,

it has the capacity to transcends the mind and awaken healing and awareness on all levels.

Upon completion expect a few minutes for further discussion.

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