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Theta healing is a remarkable technique that lets you identify unconscious and conscious blocks and sabotaging beliefs and change them - instantly, if it is for highest good.


Theta Healing is a Meditative - theta brain wave state, digging process, DNA clearing and energetic healing, between the client and practitioner and the creator of all that is (the source).


Theta Healing can support healing of physical ailments, treat personal,  emotional and or spiritual blocks, by quickly clearing the emotional causes of the condition.

Theta Healing brings clarity to your beliefs that may be holding you back and or sabotaging your life.

When we recognize our beliefs whether they are conscious

or unconscious it give us the ability to re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

Are you continually repeating unhealthy patterns and damaging choices? Would you like to know why?


Understanding our beliefs can bring personal empowerment and awareness.


Theta Healing is for those wanting to go down the rabbit hole, to the core of their problems…

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